The Personal and Professional Safety Net

Anyone with a fair amount of life experience under their belt will tell you that despite the ambiguity that seemingly coats our ongoing schedules, certain situations will take shape that catch us completely off-guard, measuring how much we tend to take things too much in stride. There are always going to be events happening in life that we could never have seen coming, which is why people with some stories to tell will always encourage those less knowledgeable to take preemptive measures in the event the unexpected happens and throws a curve ball at the most unexpected of times.

When the unforeseeable should in fact happen to occur in life, we want to be prepared by whatever means. Whether such an occurrence takes shape either personally or professionally, we want to make sure we are prepared, which is why individuals like Farmers Insurance agent Louis Campisano are available to provide solutions that help us through tougher times in life.

Mr. Campisano is a representative of Farmers Insurance Group, one of the most established insurers that has been helping individuals, families, and businesses through complicated situations for over 85 years. Louis Campisano and his team at Farmers can walk you and yours through the various different coverage options available to you, and figure out which options best suit your personalized needs.

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If you happen to be your own boss then you know the unpredictability that comes with running any kind of organization, no matter the size or structure. A lot of different factors have to be taken into consideration when running a business, and agent Louis Campisano can walk you through the various business life insurance options that can help you and your employees sustain your business and grow without unpredictability jeopardizing your operation.

Mr. Campisano is also well aware of those personal policies that everyone should take into consideration, including automobile, motorcycle, recreational, home, renters, and life insurance coverage to give you the kind of safety need you need to acquire some much-needed peace of mind.

To learn more about Louis Campisano and the many insurance options he can make available to you through Farmers Insurance Group, visit his website for more detailed information and insight on how best to weather those unforeseen storms yet to hit the foreseeable forecast.


Home renovations: Keeping the costs low

Home renovations are expensive. The average cost of remodeling a bathroom is around $16,000, while renovating the kitchen is about $20,000. Still, renovating can be a worthy endeavor especially if the homeowner is looking to improve the look and feel of the house, make the most out of their investment, or increase the property’s resale value. Some renovation projects can get out of hand, however, and that can result in expenses that the property owner certainly did not sign up for.

Keeping costs low means making some adjustments to the renovation plans. For instance, one way to save on expenses is to DIY the demolition part of the job. For renovation jobs around the exterior of the home, doing the demolition can save the homeowner up to $550, compared to when they hire a pro to do it for them.

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Planning the remodeling around the current plumbing is also recommended to keep costs low. Relocating fixtures like toilets and showers entails a lot more in materials and installation time. Upgrading old fixtures without moving them can lead to larger savings. In addition, focusing on simplicity instead of going for elaborate designs can help decrease costs and still ensure higher resale value.

Making the most of the space already available is also a great idea. Instead of demolishing a room and rebuilding to get more space, homeowners can redesign areas like their kitchen to increase efficiency without needing extra size.

After the renovations are done, it is also a good idea to update the homeowners insurance to avoid a gap in coverage. Louis Campisano is an insurance professional who can help you resolve this matter. For more resources on homeowners insurance, visit this Facebook page.